Q. How long does a bottle of CompleteLash last?

A. If used once a day, it will last up to 4 months.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash With My Lash Extensions?

A. No, CompleteLash Works Best On Clean, Freshly Washed Skin That Has No Makeup Or Other Residues, Including The Bonding Material That Keeps Your Fake Eyelashes Attatched.

Q. How Long Will It Be Until I See A Difference With CompleteLash?

A. Clients Tend To See Improvement Within 4-6 Weeks Older Clients May Take 6-12 Weeks, With All Clients To Date Reporting Positive Improvements.

Q. Is CompleteLash Safe To Use?

A. Yes, In Our Clinical Study We Did Not Find Any Adverse Reactions & Is Considered To Be Safe. However, As With Any Cosmetic Product, Some People May Be Allergic To One Or More Ingredients. If You Experience Any Allergic Reactions, Discontinue Use.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash With Contact Lenses?

A. Only If You Remove Your Contact Lenses Before Bed. Otherwise, Consult Your Physician.

Q. Will I See Faster Results If I Use CompleteLash Twice A Day?

A. Use As Directed. Once a day at night time before bed.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash On My Brows?

A. Yes, Clients Report Positive Improvements By Applying Daily To The Sparse Area Of The Brow.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash On My Lower Lashes?

A. Yes, But Do Not Apply Too Close To The Edge,As It Is Easier To Migrate Into The Eye.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash Whilst I’m Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

A. No, It's Not Recommended.

Q. Can I Use CompleteLash When I’m Undergoing Chemotherapy?

A. No, It Is Recommend To Wait Until Completion Of Treatment.

Q. What Happens If I Stop Using CompleteLash?

A. Overtime, Your Lashes Will Return To Their Original State.


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